Introducing Molten Young Lovers, the new DOUBLE LP from Airiel!.

Molten Young Lovers is the title of Airiel's upcoming LP, the first since 2007's The Battle of Sealand. Previously, the group released the Kid Games EP on Shelflife, as well as the (now sold out) Winks & Kisses vinyl set. Unlike the Kid Games EP, these songs were written and developed in live settings before recording them in the studio, calling to the strengths of each band member's creative technique. Utilizing a number of Chicago studios, producer Adam Stilson helped to shape the material into the classic Airiel that you know and love-it's loud, it's pretty, and you can dance to it.

The album will be available for PRE-ORDER from Shelflife on Friday, June 16th.


The Winks & Kisses set on vinyl, a joint release between Shelflife and Clairecords has SOLD OUT!

We have also created a new YouTube channel. We'll be updating a lot more content soon, but for now, we invite you to listen to a small set of clips from the upcoming LP:

UPDATE: The Cyan copies AND the White copies of the Kid Games EP are SOLD OUT. Thanks, everyone! The EP has been re-pressed by Shelflife on Black Vinyl.

"Kid Games" can be purchased from iTunes right here.

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