At long last, Airiel announces the release of the Winks & Kisses set on VINYL. You have been asking for it for years and we're happy to report that a joint release between Shelflife and Clairecords has just gone into production and is now available for preorder!. 3 LPs on 180 gram vinyl. We moved the song order around in order to fit everything comfortably while also including three remixes. The three exclusive remixes included on the vinyl -- "Firefly (Navigateur RMX)," "Sharon Apple (Jap Jap Vocal Remix)," and "Liquid Paper (Tobias and TMI's Smooth Like Celine Mix)"

Click here to order from Shelflife

Click here to order from Tonevendor

Both shops are selling the exact same set. It's simply a question of who sells out first. Release date: September 18, 2015

We have also created a new YouTube channel. We'll be updating a lot more content soon, but for now, we invite you to listen to a small set of clips from the upcoming LP:

UPDATE: The Cyan copies AND the White copies of the Kid Games EP are SOLD OUT. Thanks, everyone! The EP has been re-pressed by Shelflife on Black Vinyl.

"Kid Games" can be purchased from iTunes right here.

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